Silhouette of Singer


The members of Paradise Nights have a wealth of experience gained from performing here in Australia, Asia and the USA. Without a doubt, Paradise Nights can make your next club function, corporate event or wedding reception a totally memorable experience.

Paradise Nights Band Member

Amy Orman (Vocals)

was born and raised in Sydney. She moved to the USA sixteen years ago to further her career. Her career spans musical theatre in major US cities including Chicago and New York. She recently returned to Australia and is currently teaching at Perform Australia (CADA) in Canberra.
Amy is aiming to continue her success in the USA by performing with Paradise Nights. Her amazing stage presence, dynamite voice and positive personality are great assets for the band. She truly makes a significant contribution to the capability of the band!

Paradise Nights Singer

Nur Fatima (Vocals)

is an award winning pop, r&b, jazz singer and composer. Born in Malaysia, she is now resident in Canberra. She has been on tour across all states in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, and also traveled overseas to various international cultural shows.
Nur is a truly gifted vocalist with an immense talent. She has many years of performance experience both live and in the recording studio. Her vocal ability is outstanding and she is a gifted performer on stage. Like Amy, Nur provides a wealth of musical talent for Paradise Nights.

Paradise Nights Band Member

Bryan Carey (Drums)

is the leader of Paradise Nights. He has many years of experience, playing initially in Canberra and then in the Sydney scene. While living in Sydney Bryan performed with many leading cover bands including “Baby Loves To Cha Cha” and “Soul Groove and the AAA Horns”. He also played with recording artists Mark Williams and Tex Perkins. Bryan has also performed with Australian Idol guitarists Rex Goh and Chris Kamzelas.
Bryan has now returned to his musical home to establish the high class covers band “Paradise Nights”. His aim is to create something that will be a little different to the standard cover band in Canberra!

Paradise Nights Band Member

Hugh Le (Guitar)

is a veteran guitarist of the Canberra scene. He has played in numerous cover bands. His awesome stage presence and knockout guitar playing are a real asset to the band. His association with Bryan goes back to the 1980’s when they played together in band’s “Take No Prisoners” and the award winning “Don’t Look Now”.
Hugh is a vital member of Paradise Nights. When Bryan asked him to join the band, Hugh couldn’t resist. The opportunity to perform together again after many years was simply too good to resist.